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Afternoons by the Sea: 7 Isle of Mull Beach Walks

Visitors to Mull are spoiled for choice for coastal and beach walks. From the dramatic and challenging route to the Carsaig Arches, to the tidal crossing to the Isle of Erraid, there’s a seaside stroll to suit even the most adventurous. Here, we’re sharing seven easy Isle of Mull beach walks, perfect for spending an afternoon by the sea.

Often named Mull's most beautiful beach, Calgary Bay is a stunning sweep of white sands in a horseshoe shape, with lovely walks along the coastline nearby.

Calgary, North West Mull

Arguably Mull’s most popular beach, Calgary Bay lies on the north-west coast, sheltered by dramatic headlands that slope down steeply towards the sea. The white shell-sand glistens in the sun while the crystal clear waters lap on shore. One of the gentlest beach walks, simply follow the curve of the horseshoe bay to the far side, where a burn runs into the sea. Keep an eye out for sailing boats passing on the horizon.

Langamull is a stunning sandy beach in the island's North West

Langamull, North West Mull

You’ll need to put in a 20-minute walk through woodland to reach this secluded beach, but Langamull is well worth it when you do. Look out for living treasures in the rock pools or enjoy a swim in the clear waters. Quieter than Calgary, but still with plenty of charm, Langamull makes a lovely afternoon excursion in the north of the island.

Port an Tobire beach is tucked beneath a ruined castle on Mull's east coast

Port an Tobire, East Mull

A wee gem on the mainly rocky east coast, this beach is tucked beneath the ruins of Aros Castle, just outside Salen. Part sand, part shingle, you can enjoy a stroll with views that stretch down the Sound of Mull.

Laggan Sands is a lovely option for a beach walk on Mull

Laggan Sands, South East Mull

Park beside the glittering waves at Loch Buie and pop into The Old Post Office for drinks and nibbles to take to the beach. The route to Laggan Sands stretches along the shore, before you reach the grey sand bay.

Throw out a rug, unpack the picnic and enjoy the coastal breeze as you gaze out over the Atlantic ocean. It’s a lovely reward for the scenic beach walk to get there.

One of Mull's most popular beach walks, Ardalanish beach is a beauty formed with white shell sand and perfect blue waters. Machair blooms in the summer months from this beach in south west Mull.

Ardalanish, South West Mull

While the nearby beaches at Uisken and Fidden are very popular, if you’re staying on the Ross, Ardalanish is another must-visit for beach walks. This is one of the island’s larger bays, with white sands that sweep round, making for lovely coastal walks. In the summer months, the machair comes into bloom, giving you even more to discover.

Market Bay, South West Mull

Unlike many of Mull’s beaches that enable you to park close to the sand, Market Bay demands a fair walk to get there. But what a reward when you do! This white sand bay is snuggled within rocky outcrops, creating a real sense of privacy. Azure waters lap the shore with fantastic views out to sea. Little wonder this beach is rumoured to be popular with the Royals, too!

One of Mull's most striking beach walks, Traigh na Cille is very dramatic and especially stunning at sunset with its black sand.

Traigh na Cille, West Mull

One of Mull’s more dramatic beaches, Traigh na Cille features striking grey and black sand. Facing west, this beach is brilliant for short walks at sunset. Keep an eye on the weather. Sunsets here are particularly special when the fading light dances through a lightly cloud-dappled sky.

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