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Boat Trips on the Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is blessed with a rich marine environment. Deep ocean currents rise up delivering nutrients and plankton which in turn provide sustenance for the whales which can often be seen off the north western coast. This is where the whalewatch tours will head to, on their excursions from Tobermory or Ulva Ferry. Dolphins, porpoise and seals are frequently seen throughout the year and there are some splendid islands that can be visited. Of these, Staffa is perhaps the most renowned. This small island with its columnar basalt structure and dramatic sea cave, is reached via a 45 minute sailing and can be explored on foot where, during the summer months, nesting puffins can also be seen.

The Treshnish islands are a linear grouping of small, uninhabited islands off Mull’s northwestern coastline. The islands have a varied geology and are an excellent place to see puffins and seals at their breeding grounds. The largest island of Lunga can be explored on foot and a path leads to an old settlement with a fantastic panoramic view.

In summary, whilst on holiday on the Isle of Mull, a boat trip should be included in your itinerary and there are a range of trips to suit your sea legs.

If there is a particular boat trip of cruise you want to take we recommend you book in advance. For further information about the wildlife you can see in and around the island, have a look at our Isle of Mull Wildlife page.