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Glenforsa Location for Kilbeg Cottage

Kilbeg Cottage offers a dramatic setting, surrounded by the sort of beautiful mountainous scenery that the Isle of Mull is known for. The house sits on its own beside a gravel track, a mile from the 'main' road, so it's a private, quiet spot - excellent for those wanting to see the wildlife of Mull. The track itself is gravelled and a little bumpy, but perfectly suitable for a normal car.

Nearest village: Salen (2.5 miles)
Drive to ferry terminal at Craignure: 20 minutes

Map and Directions

We send out a property information document with directions to the house, and other useful information, to all guests who book with us.

Things to Do

Guests staying at Kilbeg can spend a good portion of their time just exploring this beautiful glen and observing the abundant wildlife. Glen Forsa has a river running through it and mountains on either side, with the impressive Beinn Tallaidh, sitting at the head of it (761m). The gravel track continues past the cottage (which you can walk or cycle) for another 2.5km before it turns to a narrower path leading up glen past the Dakota memorial to Tomsleibhe Bothy - where those wanting to climb the mountain, can stay before beginning their ascent the following day. There are lots of walking opportunities here of course, especially for those who like getting off the beaten track.

The family run farm extends from the shoreline in front of Tigh Bhan Cottage through to the Iona Road at Glen More. The farm includes 6,000 acres of hill land with some in-bye fields. There are 100 cattle in total with 70 of these being pedigree highland cattle which graze in the glen all year round. They are often grazing outside Kilbeg too (but there is a fenced garden for you to enjoy in peace!). There are 1,200 Blackface sheep on the hills all year round, lambing in April and gathered at various times during the year. Sea eagles can frequently be seen in the glen and the hills have many Red deer roaming the uplands and lowlands.

The village of Salen is a short drive from Kilbeg and there is a hotel and bar, cafes and Spar shop. Tobermory is another fifteen minutes' drive from Salen for the marine harbour centre, boat trips, arts centre, museum, distillery, golf course and more. Plenty of small shops line the harbour front and there is a great choice of places to eat with fresh seafood being a local speciality of course.

  • Kilbeg Cottage
  • Glen Forsa scenery
  • The River Forsa and pools opposite Kilbeg Cottage
  • Highland cows in the glen
  • Salen village in the distance
  • An old bothy in the glen
  • Kilbeg Cottage surrounds
  • Beinn Tallaidh
  • Memorial on the way to Tomsleibhe Bothy
  • Great area for wildlife