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- Shared use and free of charge to those staying in Daisy Cottage and Clover Cottage at Corry Meadows -

Both Clover Cottage and Daisy Cottage benefit from the shared use of the observatory and craft room. These excellent facilities really help you get the most out of your stay, and offer a great way to see some of the island’s superb, diverse wildlife in comfort.

On arrival at Corry Meadows, guests are now greeted with a new attraction – an owl sanctuary. The four well appointed aviaries are now the des res for a range of owls that were in need of re-housing. An Eagle owl, Snowy owl, three Barn owls and a Tawny owl now enchant and serenade guests. Unfortunately these beautiful birds have been imprinted by humans and cannot be released to the wild, however Thomas our tawny owl has recently been joined by a rescued tawny chick who will hopefully be released to the wild in the near future. Meanwhile we seek to share the wonder of these birds with our guests and take every opportunity to protect and save wildlife.

The observatory, which sits between the two cottages, is a warm and cosy space with lots of natural light from the panoramic windows, one of which has a commanding view over Fishnish bay. From the telescope and binoculars provided, excellent wildlife watching can be had, including regular sightings of otters and eagles. In addition to the informative wall charts on display, there is are also a good range of books about natural history; great to read while relaxing with a drink in the comfortable seating area.

The observatory also has an interactive monitor setup. This is linked to remote cameras, one under the sea, another in a nearby burn, one in a nest box and another, with night vision capabilities, covering the hillside, allowing a great chance to observe the red deer during their more active phase at night.

The laboratory and crafts room is very well equipped with a range of microscopes, dishes and jars (to collect samples) and a good range of craft making equipment to help unlock your creativity. Brilliant for kids, and popular with the scientist in us all!

The gardens at Corry meadows have also been developed to encourage a wide range of species. Samples of water can be taken from the pond for analysis in the lab. An excellent range of wall charts and books mean that even a complete novice will have little problem identifying and learning more about their discoveries. With the sea on your door step it is also a great chance for the budding marine biologists to get to work.

There are examples of craftwork produced on the Island on display in the lab, to help get you started. Seasonal displays such as the observational bee hive, a great chance to see a colony in action, are also featured here.

  • Observatory with window overlooking the bay
  • Microscopes in the lab
  • Great place to set up a scope
  • Craft work
  • Lovely view over Fishnish bay - a good lookout for eagles and otters
  • Getting to work in the lab
  • Comfortable seating and books to browse
  • Thomas being 'cuddled' by our rescued tawny chick
  • Otters in the local area