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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update for all Isle of Mull Cottage Guests

We are receiving a very high number of enquiries at the moment due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.  We are doing our best to respond to all customers queries.  Please bear with us while we try and get back to you.  We are an independent local business with a staff of three and we are doing our absolute best to do what we can for the guests and cottage owners at this particularly difficult time.  Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our visitors, cottage owners, housekeepers and others in our island community.

The UK government’s current advice on what you need to do: “Stay at home.  Only go outside for food, health reasons, or work (where this cannot be done from home).  Stay 2 meters away from other people.  Wash your hands as soon as you get home”.  You can find full guidance at the website.

The Scottish government has announced that the ferries to the island are now only to be used for essential supplies or businesses from this date through to 15th July 2020.  Please see the statement here on the Calmac website.

Please note that our cancellation policy (agreed to at the time of booking) applies in the first instance if you are unable to travel to Mull.  We ask that guests take out their travel insurance at the point of making a reservation with us, and would ask in the first instance, that you check your insurance policy to see if your loss is covered.  We can provide you with a cancellation notice to give to your insurers confirming that you will be unable to travel to the island due to the government policy.

We understand that the current restrictions are affecting our guests’ ability to claim on their insurance policy in some cases and in these exceptional circumstances, we want to do what is best for our guests and provide an alternative, if at all possible, for those who have booked with us over the next 30 day period and have paid in full (travelling between now and the end of April).

The rules for this potential amendment are as follows, and can only be offered if the property owner is happy to accommodate such as change as a gesture of goodwill, as it is outside our usual terms and the Agency Agreement we have with them:

  1. That we will attempt to transfer your booking to new dates, in the same property, between 5th September 2020 and 20th March 2021.  Depending on the particular property, we may be able to offer periods outside of this.
  2. If the week you choose has a higher rental fee, we will ask that you to pay the difference when the amendment is made.  We cannot reduce the cost of your booking.
  3. If for any circumstances, you are not able to make the new dates, we are really sorry but we will be unable to provide a refund on your new booking or offer a change of dates.

What to do next
Therefore, if your booking is in April this year and you would like us to try and make an amendment for you, please check the availability, let us know your preferred date, and we will request the change for you and amend your booking if we get a positive response, please allow us extra time to confirm this.

There will be customers we can’t accommodate and unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide refunds in these circumstances as we don’t have the property owner’s authority to do so, and don’t hold the fund ourselves. We are very sorry that lots of customers, whether insured or not, stand to lose money as a result of the pandemic.  We are doing our utmost to assist where we can.

Bookings from May onwards
We ask that all customers booked from May onwards give us time to help our April customers in the first instance, and chance to speak with all our owners before we can advise on how things may be affected for them.

Upcoming Balances
In terms of upcoming balances, we are being flexible and allowing people extra time to make their balance payments.  So we will not be requesting any balance payments until a week before you are due to arrive. Your balance won’t be collected automatically and you will receive our usual reminders regarding your due date. We hope this allows our guests time to make an informed decision on whether to travel or not and see how the current situation unfolds.

Thank you.
Isle of Mull Cottages

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